Based on her chapter in the best-selling book with Richard Branson, Professional Performance 360, Brenda shares her own global journey and tips to succeed in this competitive corporate environment. Armed with years of international business experience, and a history of coaching and training individuals and companies how to work effectively, Brenda will make it possible for you to excel.

How to Work Effectively in a Cross-Cultural World

In an ever-changing global environment, knowing how to communicate, lead, support your team, and build a strong relationship with your co-workers, partners and clients around the world is not a luxury—it’s a critical necessity. Brenda will help you understand how to bridge cultural gaps, increase your intercultural understanding and foster an improved global mindset for yourself and your team.

Women in the Global Workforce

As a successful businesswoman who’s lived and worked in six countries and conducted business training and coaching all over the world, Brenda understands the particular struggles women face in the global workforce. This presentation will tackle those subjects and provide an insight into how to navigate these challenges with confidence.



Whether you’re traveling the world or working with clients or co-workers in other countries, it doesn’t take long to discover there is a lot to learn, and that potential mistakes could cause embarrassment or impact your business relationships. Through entertaining tales from her life abroad, Brenda provides “lessons learned” from her vast work and travel experience that will help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.


Regardless of where she is in the world—backpacking in Europe, exploring the Amazon rain forest, interacting with the locals of Morocco or traversing the Australian outback—Brenda feels right at home. With engaging tales of “small world stories” from her two best-selling books and other journeys, Brenda connects to her audience and provides a sense of ease to those relocating abroad, doing business globally or traveling to an unfamiliar culture.



Brenda shares the strategies for effectively creating meaningful personal and professional connections in a cross-cultural world, some of which are featured in her #1 best-selling book with Jack Canfield.

Cross-Cultural Success in a Small World

Fasten your seat belt as Brenda takes you around the globe to share adventures, misadventures and cross-cultural encounters. During this keynote you’ll learn practical tips from an experienced globetrotter to help you live, work and travel the world with greater cross-cultural awareness.


Small World, Big Travels

With 20 years’ worth of travel, spanning over 80 countries, Brenda understands the different layers—the excitement, the challenges, and the “once in a lifetime” magic—of exploring the world. If you’ve dreamed of global travel, but you’re not sure how to do it, or if something is holding you back, Brenda will show you it's achievable and anyone can do it!

Travel Like a Pro: Top 10 Tips to Travel Safe, Smart & Savvy

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just getting started, there are common questions and concerns most of us have. Brenda has not only asked herself many of these questions, but discovered the answers as well. In this presentation, regardless of if you’re traveling solo, with friends or family, or for business, Brenda will share ways to save time and money and avoid unnecessary stress.

Around the World in an Hour

Have you ever dreamed of sailing around the globe, experiencing exotic cultures or traversing unchartered territories? During this presentation, Brenda will take you on an exciting, informative global adventure that will have you ready to pack your bags and explore the world.