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Who is Brenda?

Brenda McGuire is a highly sought after international trainer and speaker who has traveled to over 80 countries and lived on 4 different continents. Brenda is a #1 best-selling author, CEO and founder of two international companies, and award-winning keynote speaker. She has successfully trained thousands of individuals and companies in more than 50 countries how to effectively operate across borders despite cultural, time zone, and language barriers. Brenda has a passion for people and building their international success both on a personal and professional level. Her ability to promote cultural-awareness and create an understanding of global relationships enables her to help others achieve their travel and business goals.

Awards & Recognition

International Business Expert Brenda R. McGuire Receives Quilly® Award

With an international business and travel career spanning 25 years, McGuire is a leading expert on teaching individuals and business leaders how to successfully live, work and travel the world.
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Reuters: International Business Expert Brenda R. McGuire Receives Quilly® Award

Brenda McGuire, Founder, President and CEO of WorldWide Connect® and Global Gals®, received a Quilly® Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors for Reaching No.1 international best-selling status with a new book, The Soul of Success.
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PR Newswire: International Speaker Brenda McGuire Receives EXPY® Award

Brenda McGuire, Founder & CEO of WorldWide Connect® and Global Gals®,received an EXPY® Award for exemplary global public speaking presented by the National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers in New York City on April 4.
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Best Selling - Professional Performance 360: Success

Brenda McGuire, along with co-authors Sir Richard Branson, Nido Qubein, Harvey MacKay, Ken Nunn, and Ivan Misner—to name a few—share their secrets to success in Professional Performance 360 Success. Brenda’s chapter, “Small World, Big Success” explains how Brenda’s motivation, hard work, discipline, and strategic decisions led her on a path around the world and helped her become a global business leader.

In her chapter Brenda discusses how her journey has enriched her life and brought her connections and wisdom that help her continue moving forward. By sharing her stories and the road she took that paved the way to her personal and professional success, Brenda hopes to inspire you to achieve your own success! Whatever that may be! In fact, this whole book—comprised of chapters from leading industry experts sharing their own stories and “paths to success”—has been designed to inspire and help you in the pursuit of your own success. Get your copy of Performance 360: Success and let successful leaders, such as Brenda McGuire and Sir Richard Branson, share how you can take the step from “dreaming it” to “making it happen.”


Companies Founded by Brenda

WorldWide Connect, is a premier cross-cultural and global workforce development firm. With an extensive global network of hundreds of cross-cultural trainers in over 30 countries, WorldWide Connect delivers training and consulting solutions that increase culture competence, develop global mindsets, improve cultural fluency, and help global workforces to be more effective in conducting business globally.
At Global Gals we understand that a person’s travel dreams and goals are as unique as they are. With that in mind, Global Gals has created a variety of travel education seminars, online webinars, and “Global Gals Guides”—and we’re constantly adding more! Our mission is to encourage, empower, and educate women of all ages so they can travel with confidence—whether they’re traveling for pleasure or business.

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